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Leadership Livingston 2023 Project ''PAC CAN PLAY'' breaks ground on upgrades to Pupil Appraisal Center

Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce Project Group “PAC CAN PLAY” breaks ground for Project at Pupil Appraisal Center in Livingston.


May 8, 2023

Livingston, LA — The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Livingston Project Group, PAC can Play, has broken ground on their community project at the Pupil Appraisal Center in Livingston, which is utilized to evaluate young children entering the public school system. PAC can Play recognized the need for a safe, comfortable, and well deserved outside evaluation space for the Pupil Appraisal Center, which offices more than 75 evaluators and staff where they conduct over 400 evaluations of children entering the school system each year. The outside area will also be used by the staff for a rest and relaxation break area, which they do not have now. 


PAC can Play launched their fundraising campaign months ago and the community has responded heartwarmingly well. PAC can Play has raised enough funds and in-kind donations to fully complete the project. When asked about the response of the community and partners to the project, lead coordinator, Joey Amadeo, said, “The response from the community and great partners we’ve worked alongside have been overwhelmingly special. It’s a great feeling to know that Livingston Parish truly cares about the kids and educators of our Parish.” Amadeo continued to say that none of this would be possible without the generosity and coordination of Steve McLin with McLin Construction. When McLin heard about the project, he immediately offered to assist in oversight and has lined up vendors every step of the way. 


The evaluators and staff at The Pupil Appraisal Center are anticipating the completion of the project and are eager to utilize the new facility resources. Christine McGinnis, Pupil Appraisal Coordinator, said, “This project is exciting to us in many ways! First it allows us to provide preschool children who come to our center with a safe and developmentally appropriate play space to conduct assessments. Kids do best when they can play.” McGinnis went on to say, “This project shows us that we matter and our work is noticed. We are so thankful to Leadership Livingston for selecting us as the beneficiary of their community service  project, and we can't wait to share this amazing space with our visiting families and district staff.” The project is expected to be completed just in time for next school year. 


For more on this project please visit Leadership Livingston’s Facebook page.