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Economic Forecast for Livingston Parish - LP Business Newsletter

Economic Forecast for Louisiana and Livingston Parish.
Livingston Parish Chamber
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Economic Forecast for Louisiana and Livingston Parish.
Last Thursday, Dr. Loren Scott delivered his annual Economic Forecast at the LEDC quarterly meeting where the Chamber attended. Here is a brief overview of his presentation.
Low natural gas prices, five times less in comparison to other parts of the world, are fueling the impressive number of projects in the Baton Rouge area. Industrial construction projects - expansions underway are valued at over $6 billion.
The Amazon project at the old Cortana, its proximity to Livingston Parish and the proposed jobs in the thousands are considered a win by economist. (Livingston Parish Chamber Note: What that means for local Livingston Parish businesses ability to employ and attract talent and workforce is one to watch for our businesses located in the parish.)
59% of employed residents of the parish are employed outside the parish mostly in neighboring East Baton Rouge, Ascension and a small amount in Tangipahoa. That income earned is spent back home in Livingston adding to our tax base.
Growth for Livingston Parish from 2010 to 2020 was 11.4% making us the 7th fastest growing parish in the state.
Current and new projects in Livingston Parish are the Weyerhauser $157 million upgrade to the lumber mill retaining 119 jobs and adding 4. Two projects on the horizon for Livingston Parish, not yet announced, will create 150 new jobs and $20 million in capital spending.
Livingston Parish spending in up 17.8% It has remained steady over the past 7 months. Vaccination Rates:
Another note - Livingston Parish has the lowest vaccine rates in the Baton Rouge region. 13% lower than other parishes in the region. West Feliciana is the most vaccinated parish with 59.1% vaccinated. Livingston Parish by comparison has 35.8% fully vaccinated.
Neighboring Ascension Parish has a 45.9% vaccination rate.
Dashboard Spending Rates
Simplify Sales Tax Collections for Economic Growth 
Livingston Parish Chamber supports a YES vote for business.
Most other states are streamlining their tax collection processes. This session the state legislature took the right steps, led by our local Livingston Parish delegation and sponsored by Speaker Clay Schexnayder, to bring that process to Louisiana. The next step is to pass the amendments on November 13th. Vote YES for Livingston Parish businesses.
Vote YES
Learn More about the Chamber's work to support your local Livingston Parish Business through our Governmental Affairs Program - Including Livingston Parish Business Priorities.
Tips for Today's Livingston Parish Communities
Link Up Livingston
Public, parish wide organizations and industry came together for a common goal - to assure that internet access was available for every area of Livingston Parish. As a signatory and supporter of funding on the federal level, the Chamber encourages every one to take an easy step, test the speed of your internet in your area. It's easy and can be taken at this link on the website. Pass it on to your colleagues who may be in an underserved or unserved area of the parish. News Release Here.


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