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About Us

ESI Supply (Environmental, Safety, and Industrial) is a distributor of specialty products utilized by environmental consultants, contract drillers, water well, and horizontal drillers, emergency responders, the oil and gas industry, military, manufacturing, construction, and general industry.

ESI Supply was created in 2001 and operated under previous ownership until 2006 when present owners purchased the company. ESI Supply provides specialty products consisting of monitoring/water well materials constructed of PVC, stainless steel and carbon steel, filter media, bentonite products, and security covers in a variety of configurations.

In addition, ESI Supply provides soil and groundwater sampling tools, materials, sampling pumps, meters (new, used, and rentals), and sampling bailers/tubing. ESI Supply also provides safety products designed to protect the workforce. Safety products include a complete product line of disposable clothing, workwear, fall protection, gloves, ear and eye protection, hard hats, respirators, medical supplies, fire extinguishers, and much more.

Present operations are conducted at 111 Aero Smith Drive in Richland, MS and Walker, LA by Robert J. Craft, RPG a licensed Professional Geologist (MS, AL, LA, and AR) and MS Licensed Water Well Contractor.

We Support Environmental, Geotechnical, and Directional Drilling Markets

Most customers (not limited to) generally consist of soil and groundwater scientists (geologists/engineers), health and safety coordinators/managers, field service managers, drilling managers, contractors, and purchasing agents.


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Release Date: March 23, 2023

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