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Getting Involved In Governmental Affairs in Livingston Parish

Getting involved in Governmental Affairs in Livingston Parish

When you think of governmental affairs, is the first thing that comes to mind running for office?  We ask because we get that a lot.  It's an easy assumption since elections and candidates are so present during elections.  But that is not the main purpose of a governmental affairs program.  We touch on that later.  A solid governmental affairs program is meant to help you build collective relationships with those in office, to learn more about their role and to offer them insight. 

Once candiates are elected, they rely on feedback from those impacted the most to help them determine a decision and the way they should vote on a particular issues.  Two-way information is also important to consider solutions to problems that business is facing, like workforce shortages, compliance challenges, tax collections, crime, infrastructure, you name it.  

Another benefit of being aware through a governmental affairs program is the timeliness of information, what's in the works can take years to become legislation.  Being involved gets you information in advance so you can make the adjustments that may be necessary.  

The Livingston Parish Chamber has been involved and had a Governmental Affairs program for decades, ramping up in 2012.  Two of our most widely known collaborations include our participation in getting Bass Pro to Livingston Parish and assisting our delegation in widening I-12 to alleviate the daily impass.  Both had successful outcomes for our parish.  

Here are the other offerings we have, levels of involvement and how they can fit in with your local Livingston Parish business.  

Easiest way to Engage

  • Read.  That's it.  Or watch a video.  We put out information regularly on things that are hot at the local, state and federal level.  We correspond through email, social media and even have a group set up to add quick action items.  
  • Respond to surveys and polls.  They help us to know how to properly advocate on your behalf.  
  • Review the Chamber's Annual Livingston Business Priorities.  Let us know if we are on the right track in representing the parish buisness community.  You can also learn moare about the top issues facing business in the guide.  
  • Bring us your issues.  Tell us what your issues are.  We can help navigate a solution.  
 Mid-Level Involvement
  • Business Briefings - A look at topics that involve the business community in a better Livingston Parish.  These are announced through our weekly event email and on the chamber's event calendar.  
  • Business & Industry Updates - Ties in with Business Briefings with updates on industries that are economic drivers.  Q & A and discussions are encouraged in this smaller setting. 
  • State of the Parish - Attend, watch.  Typically held in August in line with announcing our Leadership Livingston Class, the State of the Parish is an address by the Parish President and / or other parish wide entities.  It's an update on what is happening in parish government.  
  • Louisiana Legislative Updates - pre and post session.  Hosted by the chamber with our state delegation. 
  • Forums & Elections - Varies each year based on coming elections.  Know your candidates.  Vote. 
Most Involved  
  • Governmental Affairs Committee - Apply for a seat on the committee.  Be the expert in your industry and share your part on our priorities.  The committee is also a sounding board for the chamber's overall plan with Advocacy being one of the seven deliverables offered by the Chamber.  
  • Attend parish, municipal, state meetings to represent and / or testify on behalf of the Livingston Parish business community.  There are specific guidelines for representation of the chamber.  
  • Federal Level Interaction - These are a bigger resource and commitment.  We participate in the DC Mardi Gras Ecnomic Development event, it's not a parade, it's a convention.  We have also organized Fly - ins, particularly post flood to advocate for business.  Federal delegation calls, meet up and updates are included.  Some seats are reserved for those who are appointed to leadership roles.  
So you see, it's not that bad.  We even reach out to you when we know a policy will impact your business directly.  The more we know about you, the more we can keep you engaged, without having to run for office.  

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