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Attending a Ribbon Cutting? Here’s what you need to know.

Attending a Ribbon Cutting?  Here’s what you need to know.

Attending a Ribbon Cutting?  Here’s what you need to know.  

There is plenty of guidance and information available for a business hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony, such as this comprehensive guide provided by the Livingston Parish Chamber. However, if you have considered attending a ribbon cutting event to show support for a business or organization, here are some key actions to consider:   
1. Prioritize their big day.
Remember, it’s their day, so make it about them.  The ribbon cutting event is all about the business owner and their significant milestone. Opening or expanding a business is a busy and demanding time for them. With the added grand opening event, their plate is full of planning and preparations.  Their focus is usually on assuring a successful launch and customer experience. 
2. First time for the business.
For most businesses, a ribbon cutting is a once in a lifetime event.  Each business has different offerings and logistics to work around.  To assist the owners in this new endeavor, Chamber Staff will be working closely with the owner to guide them through the event agenda. Allowing the business owners to get past the formalities of the event, including photos, tours and videos, makes them more relaxed and available to greet you and other guests. 
3.  Greeting the owners.
First and foremost, they appreciate your show of support for them by attending.  Take a moment to congratulate the business owner personally and express admiration for their hard work and achievement.  Introduce yourself and your business affiliation to them.  However, avoid being too pushy or sales oriented. Now is not the time to talk about you or to attempt a sale to the business owner.  Refer to rule #1, it’s about them.
4.  How can I participate?
During the event, you can actively participate in the activities and engage with other attendees. Usually, a welcome from the Chamber and the business owner’s story are part of the agenda.  Each event varies, including guests being a part of photos.  Those assisting with the event will let guests know if they should participate in the photo opportunities.  Special note – the Chamber Staff and volunteer team of trained Ambassadors will be navigating the event with the business.  The team will have planned and designated tasks amongst each other prior to the event.  Ambassadors are committed to assisting Chamber Staff through these activities.  To apply to become an Ambassador, see this link
5.  Sharing their success.
As soon as possible following the event, the Chamber will post official ribbon cutting photos.  Photos have been selected to show the best of all attendees and the business. The proper protocol is to share the Chamber’s official post.  It not only creates community amongst peer businesses, but also increases reach to the business and recognizes yours.  Photo credits are always proper protocol. 
6.  Extras to consider – RSVP.
Once you view the details of the event, check if an RSVP is required. Respond promptly and let the organizers know that you will be attending.  The online event will allow for your registration.  This helps them plan and accommodate the number of guests. 
7.  Dress professionally.
Dress appropriately for the occasion, considering the tone and formality of the event. It's important to make a positive impression and represent your business in a professional manner.
Remember, while attending a ribbon cutting event, your role is to celebrate and support the business being honored.  It’s an exciting once in a lifetime event for most.  The business has worked hard and invested their resources to open and launch.  Celebrating their achievements gives the owners a positive start to their new venture. 

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