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2020 Women's Leadership Award Winner, Tiffany Gueho Sicard

2020 Women's Leadership Award Winner, Tiffany Gueho Sicard

Tiffany Gueho Sicard – HomeKey Mortgage

She is the Home Key Mortgage Co founding owner and manager. She has been in the mortgage industry for 22 years. She lives, works, and volunteers in Livingston Parish 

Tiffany's career journey began in 1996.  She received several achievement awards, not only in her department but, for the entire company. She has several certifications from professional bank services. She's worked toward the goal of managing her own branch.  She was recruited by a national mortgage company and was awarded the Mortgage of Excellence Award. 

She is a member of the chamber and was part of the Leadership Livingston Class of 2017 where she learned even more about the community she loved.  She won the Above and Beyond Award voted on by her peers in her project group where the project brought the Dave Ramsey program to Walker High School.  She was also part of several community projects including Buddy Benches, Walker City Police Uniform Drive, Drainage Initiative and Litter Free LP initiative. Tiffany was appointed to a seat on Leadership Alumni Council where her dedication to the Leadership Livingston program is invaluable.  She is the Chair of the Alumni’s Blanket Drive. 

Advancement of Women | Overcoming Challenges 
She continues to strive for excellence in her career and would love to see other women do the same. She has overcome many challenges and has heard time after time of young women with a past similar to hers give up because it was too overwhelming. 
If there is a lesson to be learned in overcoming tough things that life throws your way, Tiffany is the poster child – I mean woman. She is a firm believer that we can begin being each other’s pedestals and help water each other’s success and it will be great!

About the Livingston Parish Women's Leadership Award - the award was founded by the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce in 2017 to coincide with the Women's Leadership Programming and Event.  Since then, the award criteria continues to adjust to today's women.  The criteria for the award includes professional - career accomplishments, community actions and involvement with collective efforts, mentoring of other females, women and a desire to continue and elevate women's programming in Livingston Parish.  For more information, contact April Wehrs at the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce.  

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