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LP Chamber to Acquire Jobs Search Group

LP Chamber to Acquire Jobs Search Group 

Contact: April Wehrs, 225-665-8155 |

RE:  LP Chamber to Acquire Jobs Search Group

The Livingston Parish Chamber has entered an agreement to become the administrator of the jobs group, Livingston Parish Job Search.  The facebook group was created by Angelia “Angie” McMorris Cornett in December of 2015.

Mrs. Cornett started the group so that the community could easily navigate potential job opportunities.  She notes, “I would notice employers seeking applicants and knew there were people seeking job opportunities.  I created the group with the intent of connecting employers with employees.  Once they knew about each other, they could take it to the next step.  Through the years, it has grown over 4000 members.” 

Chamber CEO, April Wehrs, states on the group, “It’s interesting because we had been looking at the feasibility of managing a jobs group.  For us, it would look a bit different since we are the parish’s business association.  We have a jobs feature on our website, and it has grown significantly in use.  Since Angelia had already created a group, we approached her before starting our own.  She was open to the idea and ready to pass the group over to us.”

Wehrs also states, “Once we can see the back-end numbers on the group, we will be able to adjust to make the group even more valuable.  For us, it’s beyond the number of group members, it’s how many are using it and interacting within the group.  For us, it will need to have measurable outcomes and results.  We appreciate Mrs. Cornett being open to that and understanding our new direction of the group if necessary.”

About Cornett:  After retiring from the Livingston Parish School System, Cornett served as a Deputy Clerk for the Livingston Parish Council from August 2016 to August 2021. She feels that her role as public servant never ends, and that the administrative transition created by such a merger with the Chamber would only enhance the group thus allowing more opportunities for the parish.

About the Chamber: Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is the parish wide business association representing thousands of business owners, professionals, employees, and stakeholders. The Chamber is established to serve business, enhance communities, and advance the economy in Livingston Parish.