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A brand new building, 10 years in the making, is now is place for the Louisiana Association of Challenged Adults (LAC). Behind the building lies an aging pavilion where these adults congregate, perform activities and learn valuable social skills. Team "Leadership Accepts the Challenge", made up of a group of business professionals who are part of the Leadership Livingston Class of 2020 accepted the challenged of completely renovating the pavilion.

A group of business professionals who are part of the Leadership Livingston 2020 class are helping to bring together healthy and fresh food choices, prepared by LPPS ProStart students with ingredients from local farmers, when possible, through the M.E.A.L.S. Project.

The children of French Settlement will soon have a new playground, thanks to a group of business leaders who were part of Leadership Livingston's Class of 2020. With a financial impact of over $40,000 and the potential to serve thousands of family members, this project takes French Settlement to a new era.

Early pioneers who helped settle and tame the Wild West had to overcome many challenges as they made progress toward success. Planning enough food and water, avoiding wild animals, maneuvering through Indian territory, overcoming disease, and arriving safely and successfully before inclement weather hindered their progress, were just a few of the factors to consider before loading up the wagons and heading out. Those who headed west were driven by the desire for opportunity and were inspired by the dream of

Livingston Parish has had a shortage of foster families for years. Livingston Parish News reported on the issue in 2011, and in 2014, data from DCFS placed Livingston as one of the Parishes with the highest number of children in state custody. The 2016 flood exacerbated the problem further by displacing families. With the distraction of flood recovery, more children than ever were left out of a stable home environment as current and potential foster parents dealt with rebuilding their homes.