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Utilizing a social media guide is the best way to ensure a successful social media presence for your business. Consistency is key as it helps your audience recognize you and paints a much more effective picture of your business. Even if you have one poster responsible for all your social media activity, creating a social media guide will ensure that you can continue posting in the most effective way if they were to leave the job tomorrow.

Experiential marketing is the idea of using branded experiences to have a memorable impact on your customers. It can be something that is built into your business like waiters who sing opera while serving meals or something you do as a one-off like a company-sponsored flash mob dancing in the subway. It may seem frivolous but experiences make an impression in a way that commercials and ads don’t anymore.

Get to know people who are already known for what you want to be known for or get to know business professionals who have done what you want to do like make a career shift. Your chamber of commerce is an excellent space in which to find people like that. Ask your chamber staff who they know that is a personal branding expert and study how they put themselves forward. You can learn a lot by watching others.