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Today's customers are a little entitled. And it's not just the younger generation. Companies are using data to personalize their offerings and the customer experience to the point of appearing to be mind readers. This sets a precedent and expectation of something way beyond good customer service. Find out how to get there.

Are you dissatisfied with the number of customers that you have? No, this isn't some sort of infomercial selling a sales technique. The number of customers you have, or lack thereof, may be directly attributable to something you are or aren't doing, not because your business isn’t viable. No blaming here. I'm simply saying there could be a quick resolution to getting you more customers. Read the post for a few ideas.

When doing the same thing over and over again it's easy to lose focus on what's important. A skydiver with 800 jumps could almost fold and pack a parachute blindfolded. Strapping on a parachute before entering the plane is second nature to the veteran skydiver. Yet, from time to time, we learn of these unbelievable stories of someone failing to remember the most basic necessity of skydiving, the parachute. What is the repetitive action in your occupation or business that you run the risk of forgetting to

What does your bedtime routine have to do with the success of your business? Plenty. Every time you use everything you have on a given day and you’re exhausted beyond belief, and then you short yourself essential sleep, you’re borrowing from tomorrow’s success. It’s impossible to give tomorrow your all when you’re exhausted, so establishing a healthy bedtime routine is essential to the health of your business. Find out how.

As the technology becomes easier to use and voice recognition software gets better, more people will begin using it and realize how easy it is to speak into a phone (or device) when you’re on the move. Voice search is growing in popularity across the demographics. You’d be wise to consider it if you want to stay at the top of local search.

Don’t be the person (or business) who always talks about themselves. Instead, about 80% of your posts should be about things that are valuable to your audience. The other 20% can be about your business but those posts should still be of interest to your audience. Figure out what your ideal demographic cares about and communicate those aspects of your business.

A Chamber membership provides a large amount of value for the small business owner if they know how to use it. Paying dues won’t help allay your fears about your business but getting involved in the Chamber and the community can help you reach more people, elevate your business reputation, and improve your marketing. These ideas will help you grow and improve your revenue stream.

Do you ever feel bored with your own marketing? Like you’re in a rut that just isn’t exciting your audience? Sometimes all you need is a little tie-in to what they’re already thinking about. Here are some quick themes you can shape into discounts, specials, social media posts, and your editorial calendar.

Working with a freelancer is different than working with someone you employ. Outside of their personal life, your employee can be directed to whatever project you see fit. If they’re working on Project A and you’re in a time crunch and need Project B completed instead, you can reprioritize their workload. If you try reprioritizing a freelancer’s workload, you may miss the spot in their schedule and they might not be able to accommodate your delivery date. There are several other things you need to know

Influencer marketing is excellent for your business because it increases interest and traffic when you choose the right influencer. However, there’s more to it than just selecting an influencer.