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Storytelling makes for amazing marketing because people don't realize they're being marketed to. They're pulled into the story. They develop an emotional attachment to your business and they stick around for the resolution. Good storytelling casts your customers as the heroes of their stories. You want their successes and triumphs to be told because you want potential customers to hear the stories and think that they can do those things too.

Most marketers these days will tell you that the most convincing way to write your web copy is to solve a problem for your audience. You cannot expect your audience to read your site or watch your videos and guess whether you're good for them or not. Instead, you need to connect the dots for them. You have to be exceptionally clear of the solution you provide and it has to be the answer to the problem they're struggling with.

Utilizing a social media guide is the best way to ensure a successful social media presence for your business. Consistency is key as it helps your audience recognize you and paints a much more effective picture of your business. Even if you have one poster responsible for all your social media activity, creating a social media guide will ensure that you can continue posting in the most effective way if they were to leave the job tomorrow.

Experiential marketing is the idea of using branded experiences to have a memorable impact on your customers. It can be something that is built into your business like waiters who sing opera while serving meals or something you do as a one-off like a company-sponsored flash mob dancing in the subway. It may seem frivolous but experiences make an impression in a way that commercials and ads don’t anymore.

Storytelling is a commitment and an ongoing component in your marketing. You want to hold your audience’s attention and engage with them. Storytelling is an incredibly effective method for doing so, but to be successful at it you need to cultivate the mind of a storyteller and that means looking at the world as a story waiting to unfold.

Don't wait for there to be a problem with your site. When it comes to your website, think of it as that smiling receptionist who never sleeps. For many of your customers, even if you don't sell anything online, your website will be the first impression they have of your business. You don't want it outdated or missing the basic functionality that a business moving into 2020 needs.

If you were a little late to the website grab, you may have discovered that the name of your business had already been taken. Sometimes it's possible to purchase that name but other times a website already exists with your business’ name. Obviously, this is not ideal for your branding. But as the internet expands and more businesses come online .com and .net endings are no longer enough to meet demand.

Most businesses want to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). It means more customers at less cost, and almost everyone wants more customers. But how you improve your organic reach on a global scale is very different from how you do it on a local level. While the two have some things in common, you can usually affect your local rankings much faster than the larger-scale ones. We've compiled seven tips to help you do that.

Today's customers are a little entitled. And it's not just the younger generation. Companies are using data to personalize their offerings and the customer experience to the point of appearing to be mind readers. This sets a precedent and expectation of something way beyond good customer service. Find out how to get there.

Are you dissatisfied with the number of customers that you have? No, this isn't some sort of infomercial selling a sales technique. The number of customers you have, or lack thereof, may be directly attributable to something you are or aren't doing, not because your business isn’t viable. No blaming here. I'm simply saying there could be a quick resolution to getting you more customers. Read the post for a few ideas.