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Working with a freelancer is different than working with someone you employ. Outside of their personal life, your employee can be directed to whatever project you see fit. If they’re working on Project A and you’re in a time crunch and need Project B completed instead, you can reprioritize their workload. If you try reprioritizing a freelancer’s workload, you may miss the spot in their schedule and they might not be able to accommodate your delivery date. There are several other things you need to know

Influencer marketing is excellent for your business because it increases interest and traffic when you choose the right influencer. However, there’s more to it than just selecting an influencer.

Most marketing gurus will tell you all of your social media and blog posts should do at least one of three things: educate, inspire, or entertain your ideal audience. If you do these things, they’ll find your content more valuable and they’ll be more apt to share your content with their tribe. If you don’t do these things, you will just be adding to the noise and won’t see much success with your content strategy.

Sales funnels can be a little intimidating for small businesses that don’t think in those terms. If you feel that way, then call it something else. Call it the customer journey or customer round-up. The important part of the sales funnel is getting better insights into your business. How many people are going all the way to the sale? Where are they dropping off? Analyzing these numbers and phases is the best way you have to increase revenue.

As a small business owner, you might not refer to it as a sales funnel but you probably know the steps it takes the average customer to go from stranger to purchaser. Look for ways you can tie content into those processes to move people along and avoid snafus in the buying process.

Ultimately whether you enter the e-commerce world or stick with your brick and mortar, is up to you. Think about your current customer and ask if they might not buy more from you if convenience was a factor. If you don’t think it would change their purchasing habits, ask yourself if you can see a new market expansion for your product. Do you want to reach one who is increasingly becoming conditioned to conveniences like ordering McDonald's from Uber Eats?

You can’t do everything. While most of the points on this list are good practice, if you have to make cuts, the skip sections are the place to do it. However, even if you don’t have time to do these things yourself, know that in the near future these digital tools will continue to grow. At that time, you may want to consider working with a virtual assistant or someone who can do the job for a feasible price.

If you’re trying to reach a younger or more visual audience, Instagram may be the place for you and your business. This article shows that there are tons of ways to connect with your audience over a visual media and it needn’t all be pics of what you sell. Get creative. Have some fun and start seeing how pictures can bring you closer to the people who will eventually buy from you.

With today’s low unemployment rate, finding quality employees can be a struggle. You will do much better in recruiting and hiring if they notice you and seek you out. As an employer of choice in your community, you will have your pick of future employees and that’s a good spot to be in.

Even if you’re feeling shy about the technology, it’s time to start building that email list. You want customers and potential customers to keep you in mind. Reaching out to them and offering them things they want like special deals, coupons, exclusive information, and other items they’ll find value in will increase your list and, in turn, your sales.