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Springfield, French Settlement and Maurepas Students Attend Career Conference

On Monday, Dec. 9, 137 high school sophomores from Springfield, French Settlement and Maurepas High Schools attended a Student Career Conference held by the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce. The conference is part of the Chamber's career and workforce initiatives facilitated through the Education Committee.
Students were taken through breakout sessions with activities that help students understand and experience the job interview process, the value of integrity on the job and the importance of working as part of a team. Following the sessions, a panel of industry experts offered advice on career paths and information based on their experiences.
Students lined up to ask specific questions to the panel including challenges panel participants had overcome, how to follow their career paths, how to enhance their personal brand and start-up business advice. Panel members were representatives of health care, sales, automotive, real estate, information technology, entrepreneurship, banking and engineering. Pathways to careers included those seeking employment directly out of high school, certifications or four-year degrees.
Shannon Bernard, Education Committee Chair noted, "We were impressed with the students and the questions they brought to the panel. We were interested to learn what is on the students' minds as they prepare for future employment."
Chamber business members were eager to volunteer to be a part of the program. Twenty-two business leaders from banking, sales, engineering, healthcare and more volunteered to teach breakout sessions and sit on a panel for the one-day conference.
"Finding and hiring the right employees is a top concern of businesses, so the Chamber sought ways to bring practical information to the next generation of the workforce. Employers are limited by the ability to find loyal, dedicated employees, and we hope to enlighten students on ways they can have an edge when seeking employment," stated April Wehrs, Chamber CEO.
The Chamber is reviewing options to bring the program to more high schools throughout the parish. "It is an intense day and takes an incredible amount of planning and dedication from our volunteers and Chamber staff. We know that once school officials see the program, they request the program be brought to their schools. We are excited about that and are hoping to increase our reach in 2020," said Wehrs.
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About the Chamber: The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is the largest and longest-standing business organization in Livingston Parish. We represent the business community and coordinate community initiatives and programs which make Livingston Parish better. The Chamber is a 501C6 nonprofit association serving Livingston Parish and each of its municipalities and communities.