Rodrigue, Callais and Waguespack Confirmed for Livingston Parish 3rd Annual Women’s Event

The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce announces the speaker line up for their third annual Women’s Leadership Event.  The event will be held on Friday, September 20th beginning at 11:00 a.m. in Denham Springs. 
About the speakers:
Wendy Rodrigue, award-winning public speaker, author, art historian and widow of artist George Rodrigue will be headlining the event.  Included in her presentation is an exhibit from the “Blue Dog” archives along with personal stories of George behind the art. 
Dr. Mari Ann Callais, keynote and featured speaker at many local, regional, national and international conferences and conventions, lives nearby in Hammond, LA.  She is a member of The Catalyst Agency Speakers Team.  Dr. Callais fills the room with energy and fun while delivering messages that resonate to attendees wherever she speaks.
Retired Judge Zoey Waguespack bring a local story and perspective to our area as she shares her story on becoming a 21st Judicial Court judge.  She has a history of engagement in community efforts. 
April Wehrs, Chamber President / CEO and event founder states, “We could not be more excited about our speaker line up.  From inspiration to humor and engagement, we know those who attend this event will be talking about it for years to come.  Each year, we wonder how we are going to maintain the experience of the year before, and each year, our committee and team find a way to deliver.” 
The event includes a mini women’s expo where 7 vendors, including presenting sponsor, Ochsner Health System, will engage attendees with the latest information their respective fields, specific to women’s issues.  Announcement of the Livingston Parish Women’s Leadership Awards is on the agenda.  The event time was extended to accommodate the robust and full agenda. 
The event will sell out and is already at 50% capacity.  Anyone who is considering registering is encouraged to move forward with their registration to assure a seat. 
For more information, please contact the Livingston Parish Chamber at 225-665-8155 or the website,

About the Chamber: The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is the largest and longest-standing business organization in Livingston Parish. We represent the business community and coordinate community initiatives and programs which make Livingston Parish better. The Chamber is 501C6 nonprofit association serving Livingston Parish and each of its municipalities and communities.