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Livingston Parish Chamber's April Wehrs completes 6 year term

In December of 2019, April Wehrs completed a final on three-year term serving six years on the Louisiana Chamber Association’s Board of Directors, including serving as Board Chair of the organization. .  

Most notable is serving as Board Chair in 2016 w April served as committee chairs overseeing the awards program communications programming and other significant programming to the organization.  

April served as board chair in 2016 ironically the same year that their community was flooded through the great flood of 2016 where she was able to testify to state agencies and bring awareness of flood recovery to local communities.  

That same year, plans to bring in a Louisiana Chamber Accreditation Program under her direction continued and was implemented.  The Accreditation program is intended to provide a benchmark for each of the state's chamber's for best practices assuring all members of chambers throughout the state are receiving the essential benefits of chamber membership. 

She also initiated the conversations for partnerships with the state's economic development.  Today Louisiana Economic Development and Louisiana Chambers Association have an ongoing partnership. 

"Bringing the Louisiana Chamber Accreditation Program to all chambers of all sizes was probably one of my proudest accomplishments.  Setting a benchmark and a blueprint for chambers to have a pathway to excellence and best practices is extremely important to the Chamber industry.   Louisiana Chambers Association or Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives role is to assure the chambers all have the tools for a fundamental benchmarks.  Ultimately, serving the business community in each our local areas and giving them a voice is the goal.