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Chamber Holding Litter Free LP Cleanup Day

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November 08, 2018

Livingston Parish Chamber Launching Litter Free LP Initiative with Cleanup Day

The Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce is holding a parish-wide clean-up day on Saturday, Nov. 10. Raising awareness about the issue of litter in Livingston Parish is a priority for the Chamber. The cleanup day will also kick off a campaign for a litter-free parish.

Livingston Parish Chamber Board Chair, John Blount, said this initiative is important to him because litter projects an image contrary to Livingston Parish’s potential. “People love Livingston Parish. They want to live and work here. Our communities deserve better than littered streets and the Chamber has the organization and structure to take on this kind of initiative.”

 The Litter Free LP event will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday when eight teams will gather at designated meeting places across the parish. Teams will begin cleaning their work sites at 8 am, and everyone participating will meet at Walk-On’s at 11 am to measure the impact of the morning.

“This event is just the beginning,” said Chamber President & CEO April Wehrs. “This initiative is comprehensive and we’re going to focus on awareness and education throughout the Parish. Holding a clean-up day is a good jumping off point for that.”

To participate in the Litter Free LP clean-up effort, visit the Livingston Parish Chamber website at
April Wehrs, CEO & President
(225) 665-8155