A Different Kind of Pharmacy Open in Denham Springs

For more information, contact :
Papa's Farmacia via Luzianna, LLC
Stephanie Sprague, PharmD., RGx, Rph 25831 Walker South, Suite 1 Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 223-9285

DENHAM SPRINGS (May 2019)— Dr. Stephanie Sprague, PharmD., RGx, Rph, announced that she opened a new pharmacy at 25831 Walker South, Suite 1, in Denham Springs. Papa’s Farmacia via Luzianna opened for business on May 30th.

When asked why she decided to open her own pharmacy she stated that it was the result of the Great 2016 Louisiana Flood, which led to the closing of Winn-Dixie Pharmacy where she had spent 6 years building great customer service. “I made a promise to my precious staff and patients that I would bring back to the community the pharmacy that they loved. I have a strong passion for providing safe and optimal pharmaceutical care to my patients and want to create a different kind of pharmacy, one that offers better one-on-one care and the most safe and effective therapy choices through natural medicines and traditional prescriptions as solutions to people's health problems,” she replied.

Dr. Sprague has indeed created a different kind of pharmacy. In addition to filling traditional prescriptions, she will also be providing a vast array of high-quality nutraceutical supplements. They will provide solutions to over 15 different chronic diseases from allergies and arthritis to Alzheimer’s and many others.

In fact, she maintains that she has a topical analgesic that gets absorbed transdermally so that it fights joint pain like Lidocaine or Novocain, but without a needle and without a prescription. “Natural remedies can do the job better, and without side-effects,” she adds. As for Alzheimer's, Dr. Sprague maintains that she has a cocktail that will help prevent Alzheimer's, even arrest it if it is already in progress. And she has the science and studies to back it up.

To further explain why she is so passionate about opening her own new pharmacy, she said, “I want to help people feel better, live longer, and enjoy those extra golden years.”