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Party Host

Airborne Extreme
Job Description
Summary of Position:
Provide friendly, responsive service to create an exceptional entertainment experience for our customers. A Birthday Party Host’s attitude greatly affects how Airborne Extreme Trampoline Park as a whole is perceived. As Party Host you will oversee the function of your assigned birthday parties & group events. You have six main functions, servicing birthday parties and group events, verifying waivers, preparing jumpers, upselling café items and party add-ons, and adhering to a strict timing schedule.
§  Assist customers with waiver completion.
§  Verify new customer waivers.
§  Prepare customer for jumping to include wristbands and footwear (if applicable).
§  Explain all trampoline safety rules to jumpers prior to party jumping.
§  Responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and maintaining party tables.
§  Adhere to strict party timing schedule.
§  Serve food, beverages, and cake to party guests.
§  Ensure there is adequate space/seating for all party guests.
§  Ensure each party receives everything included in package.
§  Provide an exceptional birthday experience to birthday guest of honor/parents.
§  Keep workstation area clean and organized.
§  Monitor, clean and organize party zone and café seating areas as needed.
§  Restock any and all party supplies and party add-ons as needed.
§  Monitor marketing flyer stocks and replenish as needed.
§  Promote additional sales of party add-ons and merchandise.
§  Ensure that all trash and debris are cleared from party zone.
§  Ensure that all chairs, tables and tablecloths are evenly aligned and tidy.
§  Ensure all party gifts and belongings have left with the party guest of honor,    otherwise, contact party parents when time allows.
§  Address thank you note to birthday guest of honor after party has concluded.
§  Complete opening and closing duties.
§  Performs his or her job in a friendly, courteous manner at all times.
§  Performs other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor or Manger.
§  Willingness to be a Team Player and Hard Worker.
§  Prior experience as a waitress or party host is preferred but not necessary.
§  Must be able to communicate clearly with supervisors & managers but especially with
§  Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 25 pounds.
§  Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 10 hours). 
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