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Office Staff

Airborne Extreme
Job Description
Summary of Position:
Provide friendly, responsive service to create an exceptional entertainment experience for our customers. The Office Staff’s attitude directly effects how Airborne Express Trampoline Park as a whole is perceived. You have five main functions, responding to all lines of communication, booking parties and group events, assisting with online sales, verifying waivers, and general office duties. Thank all customers for jumping at Airborne Express Trampoline Park.
§  Receive payment by cash, credit cards, vouchers, or gift cards.
§  Timely sale and processing of jump tickets, gift cards, fundraisers, birthday
parties and group events to customers.
§  Process returns.
§  Greet and assist customers contacting Launch Trampoline Park via telephone, email and/or social media.
§  Process online booked tickets.
§  Assist customers with waiver completion.
§  Verify new customer waivers.
§  Uploading all completed paper waivers to Launch Trampoline Park central database using a scanner.
§  Uploading all incident report forms with waivers and footage to Launch Trampoline Park central database.
§  Print birthday party and special event schedules daily.
§  Print and scan paper waivers and other forms as needed.
§  Send out thank you notes to birthday parties and group events after said event has taken place.
§  Send out and receive other mail as needed.
§  Working hand in hand with assistant manager to set up appearances, giveaways,
and community outreach.
§  Creating spreadsheets of local outside contacts, community events and road races.
§  Contacts outside organizations via email, mail and telephone calls to promote Launch Trampoline Park programs and special or group events.
§  Keep office area clean and organized.
§  Monitor, clean and organize offices and upstairs bathroom as needed.
§  Resolve customer complaints.
§  Request assistance using paging radios.
§  Report problems with POS, website, social media, customers or facility to manager on duty.
§  Responsible for accurate cash and till management for their drawer.
§  Monitor office supplies and replenish as needed or notify management.
§  Update employee information into the database.
§  Other duties as assigned by management or needed by the business.
§  Complete opening and closing duties.
§  Performs his or her job in a friendly, courteous manner at all times.
§  Promptly informs the Manager on Duty of any and all customer complaints or comments.
§  Takes messages for the management accurately, always remembering to get the name and phone number of the person leaving the message as well as what the message is in regards to.
§  Remains diligent and focused during all monetary or credit card transactions so that his or her register is accurate at the end of each shift.
§ Be 18 years of age.
§ High School Diploma
§ Prior office experience is preferred.
§ Possess excellent communication skills.
§  Must possess basic math and computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Windows programming.
§  Be able to communicate, verbally and in writing, in the predominant language of the facility’s trade area.
§  Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 25 pounds.
§  Willingness to be a Team Player and Hard Worker.
§  Must be able to communicate clearly with managers but especially with customers.
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