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Thank You Businesses, 2 Years After the Flood

Thank You Businesses, 2 Years After the Flood

With the passing of the two year anniversary of the "Great Flood of 2016," many of us have been reflecting, if only for a moment, where we were then, and where we are now. It is pretty impressive and we know it didn't come without a lot of long days, hard work and digging in. You all have your own way of reflecting, even choosing not to, and we certainly don't want to interject there.
What we do want to do is thank you. We know what you did, we saw what you did, we know how generous you are, how much you care not only about your business, but about your employees and the community at large, and we thank you.

Take a look back at the photos of your businesses getting back on line. It's a good, positive story that we were honored to tell. #lpbiz #lovelp

PS: I asked a group or two of business owners and professionals how they felt about the role of business in the recovery and what more we could do to make sure business was recognized. If that event taught us one thing, it's how interdependent each segment of a thriving community is on the other, including the business community.
The response was across the board. They shrugged their shoulders, and in true form to what business does, just went about their business. We know what you did though. Private and personal funds to recover, providing jobs, paying taxes, compliance and regulation, making payroll... You did it.

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