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Food runner

Movie Tavern
Job Description
Job Description

Job location: Juban Crossing, Denham Springs, LA 

Primary Responsibilities
A runner needs to be in good physical shape to withstand long hours on his feet, often standing and walking on concrete or other hard surfaces.

Food runners are an important part of a restaurant staff and serve as assistants to the wait staff. Their main duties are to deliver, or "run" food to tables once a food order has been prepared by the cooks. The food runner may also assist in many other duties when other members of the staff are busy.

The main responsibility of a food runner is to deliver food to guests. Once a guest places an order, the server processes the order to the kitchen. After the meal is prepared, the food runner is responsible for insuring that the plate arrives to the guest. Food runners are the last of the staff to see the meal before it reaches the guest, so it's important for them to know what each dish is supposed to look like so nothing is missed. It's also important that the plates are handled carefully and brought out in a timely manner, to ensure optimal food temperature.

Secondary Responsibilities
Food runners also assist other staff members with duties such as clearing and cleaning tables, filling beverage orders and running drinks to theaters…Maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and guest areas and returning plates to the kitchen. They also might have to deal with guest complaints.

Because food runners are responsible carrying food to tables, they must have a moderate level of physical capability. The better shape you are in, the more it will help you when working as a food runner. Being a food runner can often be hectic and stressful, so it helps to be able to work well under pressure. Food runners often are on their feet for long periods of time, sometimes up to eight hours. It helps to be able to carry up to 40 pounds, as food runners sometimes have to help busboys carry tubs filled with plates out of the theaters or lobby area.

There is a certain degree of squatting and moving around tight spaces so it helps to be nimble and flexible as well.

It’s a requirement for food runner to be efficient, detail-oriented, courteous, attention to cleanliness and a team player attitude. Food runners need to be quick and efficient in order to serve as many customers as possible. They also need to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the cooks didn't miss any foods on the plate. A positive attitude and a courteous demeanor with customers is a must.

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